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About the Olympics

The Olympics have a long history and have grown from humble origins to the biggest spectacle in the world. The Olympic Games dates back over 2,700 years ago in Olympia, southwest of Greece. The Greek Olympic Games were thought to have begun in 776 BC, while the modern Olympic Games began in 1896. Since then the Olympics are celebrated every four years. The most recent being the London 2012 Olympics where we saw over 200 countries, 10,000 athletes competing in 300 events.

Even though the London Olympics 2012 seem to have been a long time ago now, there was added media attention, across TV, radio, newspapers, social media and even online betting sites saw an increase in bets associated with Olympic Events. was one of the many UK bookmakers who saw a huge influx in traffic during this period.

Many traditions have been added to the games over the years and we will cover some of them on these pages.

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