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History of Modern Olympics - 1900

Greece, motivated by the success of 1896 Games, proclaimed itself as the deserved host for all the future games. However, Coubertin believed the success of Olympics could only be ensured if it moved around to different countries. So the 1900 Olympic Games were held in Paris. The Olympic Games coincided with the Exposition Universelle, which was an exhibition that showcased French technological achievements. Thus, the Games were dominated by the more regionally-centred event and could not appeal to larger crowds. Despite the Games being taken as a subordinate event, they attracted 1,225 athletes from 26 nations and were in media focus to a larger extent than in Athens. The American athletes, Alvin Kraenzlein, Irving Baxter, John Tewksbury and Ray Ewry, together won the 23 track and field events. Only silver and bronze medals were awarded to the victors.


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