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History of Modern Olympics - 1904

The 1904 Olympics were held at St. Louis, Missouri, USA. This event, too, was pushed into relative insignificance due its combining with the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition. The Olympic Games were stretched for four months, and many European athletes did not participate citing the reason of high travel expenses. There was a participation of 687 athletes from 13 countries, out of which 500 were from the US. The games were apparently dominated by the US and triple-winners Ray Ewry, Archie Hahn, Jim Lightbody and Harry Hillman won 20 events and took 23 gold medals. Coubertin chose not to attend the Games, being dismayed at the fair organisers' decision to simultaneously showcase the festivities of ethnic tribes from different parts of the world. All the three medals, gold, silver and bronze, were introduced for the first time in 1904 Olympics.


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