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Hammer Throw

Hammer Throw for men has been a part of Olympic Games since the 1900 Paris Games. Women's hammer throw was introduced for the first time in the 2000 Sydney Games. The competitor makes three full, quick rotations of the body and flings the hammer. Similar to other throwing events, the winner is the one who throws the hammer the farthest. The hammer used in the competitions consists of a steel ball weighing 7.27 kilograms (16 pounds) which is attached to a spring steel wire measuring 42 inches with wooden handles attached at the end for grip. The current Olympic men's record for hammer throw is held by Sergey Litvinov of the Soviet Union. His throw measured a distance of 84.80 metres in the 1988 Seoul Summer Games. Primož Kozmus of Slovenia won the men's hammer throw at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with a throw of 82.02 metres, while the women's gold winner was Aksana Miankova of Belarus with a throw of 76.31 metres, which was a new Olympic record.


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