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Juudou is the actual Japanese word for Judo, which is composed of 'juu' (gentle) and 'dou' (way/teachings). Judo was derieved from Jujitsu. The martial art from was established by the Professor Kano in 1882 as sport of attacking an opponent or defending oneself without any weapon.

The ruling body for the modern Judo championships was founded in 1952. The aim of the judoka is to throw the opponent on the floor and immobilise him for 25 seconds by gaining submission through an armlock or stranglehold. The first contender to score a point wins the bout. There are also two other components in scoring points, yuko and koka. If a judoka is unable to hold down the opponent for 20 seconds but is able to achieve the stranglehold for 15 seconds, then a yuko is awarded. If a hold lasts for less than 15 seconds, but for more than 10 seconds, then a koka is awarded. A men's contest lasts for five minutes while the women's contest lasts for four. Judo was added as a men's event in the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games, and the women's event has featured regularly at the Olympics since 1992.

List of events
+ 100kg (heavyweight) Men+ 78kg (heavyweight) Women
60 kg Men48kg (extra lightweight) Women
60 - 66kg (half lightweight) Men48 - 52kg (half lightweight) Women
66 - 73kg (lightweight) Men52 - 57kg (lightweight) Women
73 - 81kg (half middleweight) Men57 - 63kg (half middleweight) Women
81 - 90kg (middleweight) Men63 - 70kg (middleweight) Women
90 - 100kg (half heavyweight) Men70 - 78kg (half heavyweight) Women


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