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Shooting as a sport has been practised since the 15th century in European countries by numerous shooting clubs scattered all across Europe. The formation of the National Rifle Association in 1859 in the UK brought rules and regulations into the sport and contributed to its popularity. Shooting as a sport spread to all the British colonies and subsequently throughout the world.

Men's shooting was a part of the Olympic programme since 1896, and the women's event was added in the Mexico 1968 Games. The event is broadly divided into Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun competitions. In pistol and rifle events, shooters aim at a target that has 10 concentric rings with bull's eye at the centre. Points are scored depending on the accuracy of the shots. In the shotgun events competitors shoot at flying clay pigeons launched from various positions at different speeds and angles.

List of events
10m air pistol (60 shots) Menskeet (125 targets) Men
10m air rifle (60 shots) Mentrap (125 targets) Men
25m rapid fire pistol (60 shots) Men10m air pistol (40 shots) Women
50m pistol (60 shots) Men10m air rifle (40 shots) Women
50m rifle 3 positions (3x40 shots) Men25m pistol (30+30 shots) Women
50m rifle prone (60 shots) Men50m rifle 3 positions (3x20 shots) Women
double trap (150 targets) Menskeet (75 targets) Women
trap (75 targets) Women


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