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Resources and Links

Fitness centres
Health Clubs, Gymnasiums & Beauty Centres
Internet Search Engines and Web Directories
Internet sites with Local/Tourist Information
Leisure Centres
Olympics news
Olympics related sites
Sport Organisations
Sports A-Z Listing
Sports A-Z:American Football
Sports A-Z:Angling/Fishing
Sports A-Z:Aquatic & Water Sports
Sports A-Z:Archery
Sports A-Z:Athletics
Sports A-Z:Badminton
Sports A-Z:Baseball
Sports A-Z:Basketball
Sports A-Z:Body Building and Weight Lifting
Sports A-Z:Bowling
Sports A-Z:Bowls
Sports A-Z:Boxing
Sports A-Z:Canoeing
Sports A-Z:Caving
Sports A-Z:Climbing & Mountaineering
Sports A-Z:Cricket
Sports A-Z:Croquet
Sports A-Z:Cycling
Sports A-Z:Darts
Sports A-Z:Diving
Sports A-Z:Equestrian Activities & Horse Racing
Sports A-Z:Extreme Sports
Sports A-Z:Fencing
Sports A-Z:Football
Sports A-Z:Gliding
Sports A-Z:Golf
Sports A-Z:Greyhound Racing
Sports A-Z:Gymnastics
Sports A-Z:Handball
Sports A-Z:Hang Gliding
Sports A-Z:Hiking & Rambling
Sports A-Z:Hockey & Lacrosse
Sports A-Z:Hurling
Sports A-Z:Ice Hockey
Sports A-Z:Ice Skating
Sports A-Z:Ice Sport
Sports A-Z:Karting
Sports A-Z:Martial Arts
Sports A-Z:Motor Sports
Sports A-Z:Net Ball & Volleyball
Sports A-Z:Orienteering
Sports A-Z:Paintball & Combat Games
Sports A-Z:Polo
Sports A-Z:Racquet Ball
Sports A-Z:Roller Blading & Skateboarding
Sports A-Z:Rowing
Sports A-Z:Rugby
Sports A-Z:Running and Jogging
Sports A-Z:Sailing, boating & yachting
Sports A-Z:Scuba Diving
Sports A-Z:Shooting
Sports A-Z:Skating & Skateboarding
Sports A-Z:Skiing & Winter Sports
Sports A-Z:Sky diving & Parachuting
Sports A-Z:Snooker & Pool
Sports A-Z:Snowboarding
Sports A-Z:Soft Ball
Sports A-Z:Softball
Sports A-Z:Squash
Sports A-Z:Surfing, Windsurfing
Sports A-Z:Swimming
Sports A-Z:Table Tennis
Sports A-Z:Tennis
Sports A-Z:Walking
Sports A-Z:Water Polo
Sports A-Z:Water Skiing/Jet Skiing
Sports A-Z:Wrestling
Sports A-Z:Yoga & Meditation
Sports A-Z:other sports
Sports Clubs, Centres & Associations
Sports Coaching & Instruction
Sports Equipment & Accessories
Sports Facilities
Sports Ground & Stadia
Sports Injury Clinics
Sports Insurance
Sports Promotion & Management

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